What it's like to be a Pinoy minimalist?

Goodbye utang!

Di na sa sahod laging nag-aabang!

No more petsa de peligro days!

Time to travel many beautiful places!

Learn the life-changing benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle, and start living a juanderfulife!

Single na,

Corporate slave pa!

Parang double dead, di ba?

Ilang araw pa lang lumipas ang sahod pero petsa de peligro na!

Kung naisasanla lang ang nanay, baka pati si inay naisanla ko na!

Kaya kahit hindi na kaya ng katawang lupa, OT pa!

Yung sporadic ang work schedules at kahit ilagay pa sa 3AM “pagahasa shift”, kayang-kaya!

That's me before minimalism.

My old life is a typical Filipino story - that until I decided to change the flow of the game....

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About the Author

Darrah is a language instructor and a first-time author. The book, juanderfulife, is about her struggles and how she came out of each one victoriously. With her stories, she hopes to inspire younger ones or even those in deep trouble, that there is a better way to enjoy the fruit of your labor and ultimately enjoy life!

Daily, Darrah tries to be the best person that she can be. She likes participating in volunteerism and good works.

Lastly, Darrah is the third of five sisters who are all married. She now struggles to explain to her family and friends, why at 33, she is still single and happy!